Thursday, December 02, 2010

Holiday Shopping Shop Locally

Hey Vital Elements Friends 
I thought I would let you know what's in store for the Holidays.
Vital Elements represents the following local artist
Kris Samona's who makes wonderful dragons, frogs, octopus, and earrings from glass.  These are one of a kind beautiful creatures
Betsy Childress's superb bead work creations.  Besty's beaded jewelry shows the result of years of experience and attention to details.
 Retro Rose Design, yep thats me Rhonda Scott.  I have just put 3 months worth of jewelry production into the store.  Come by and see what I have been up to.
I'll post more tomorrow with pictures.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Forte Chocolates

I am putting out some great Chocolate today.   Forte Chocolates were the best I tasted at the Seattle Gift Show.  They are made in Stanwood so they are local to our region.  I have limited quanity of their sea salt dark chocolates and two kinds of their dark chocolate bars, Aztec Soul and Orange Jazz.  Come on in while they last.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Vital Elements Class Offerings

So I am cancelling some of the classes that didn't have any interest and changing my policies.  When the going gets tough the tough gets going, that's my new motto for the month of October.  My classes are now 15.00 like my competitions, supplies not included.   Before, they were all inclusive now you pick out what you want to use.
My classes will have supply lists and students should have the basic tools which I sell in my store, with very affordable prices.  Although I do general beading, not the bead weaving, I bring in Betsy Childress who is a very talented local (Friday Harbor) Beading Instructor and Artist.  Her First class will be rescheduled and posted later today.  She will have kits of all the supplies needed.  
Steam Punk Jewelry is such a Hot Trend now and I have the supplies for making a wonderful necklace. Nov. 8th is the date and I only have 3 spots left so come on in and sign up.  I am so excited about this class.
Help support your local business, shop locally.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Vital Elements Beads, Gifts, Jewelry and accessories and inspiration

Vital Elements Beads is a full service bead store serving Friday Harbor and  the San Juan Islands.  We have been in business since Feb. 2010 and now offer free how tos for the beginning beader.  Come and learn how to put together a wonderful necklace or earrings and receive free instruction from Rhonda Scott of Retro Rose Design, a jewelry design company since 1985. We offer beading and jewelry workshops plus mixed media, collage and other fun art project classes. 
I have expert research sources for the hard to find beading and jewelry supplies and can order anything you need if I don't have it in stock. Also available for you to browse through are magazine and books. 
Hope to see you soon......Islanders please support your local business's.  

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tangeled Web I wove

Here is my wire web that I wove for my stores window.   It was simple and really didn't take very long to complete.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Class Schedule!

It is time again to start up Vital Elements Fall  Workshops.  Here is a list of tentative Workshops and Dates.  Come on in to the store at 30 First Street, Friday Harbor to sign up or ask more questions about the Workshops offered

Sept. 27th     Jewelry 101
Oct.  18th     Artist Trading Cards
Oct   25th and 26th Precious Metal Clay ---3 spaces left
Nov. 1st        Art Journaling
Nov. 8th        Steampunk Jewelry            ---3 spaces left
Nov. 15th      Jewelry 202
Nov. 22nd     Collaged Wall Hanging

Beginning Oct 1 Vital Elements is hosting a weekly  Friday Night Art Nite, it like a quilting Bee but with Arts and Crafts.  Jewelry, Fiber, Paper and yes even quilters are welcome to come and be inspiring and get inspired.  Please RSVP  to Vital Elements so I know if anyone is coming!  This is something that at least 5 people have asked about so I will give it a try.  6 to 9 every Friday.   RSVP by commenting, stopping by, or calling me. 

I will be posting suggested basic Craft kits that you will need for my classes, also needed tools for Vital Elements Jewelry workshops.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Beads Added on Wednesday!

I had my first bead vendor come and sell me beads!  His name was Tony and he drove a tagged van full of beads across the US from New York State. 
I'll be putting new copper, Czech glass, and silver bead caps into the store on Wednesday. 
Hopefully I will be able to scan them (scanner acting up) and post them here later today.  I purchased table cut Czech beads, some fire polish 3mm, and 6mm rondels. In copper I have a some toggles, large focals and a small selection of regular shapes. 
Come on in and see what's new.  Through out the fall I will have new merchandise every week.  Add a comment and let me know what you would like to see on the island in beads and crafts supplies.
Work shop sign ups coming soon!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Herringbone Bracelet workshop

Vital Elements is please to announce a Herringbone Beading Class offered by bead artist extraordinaire Betsy Childress.  Come and join the 4 hour workshop on Oct. 17th ) all the beads and material are provided including a glass button to clasp it.  Just 50.00 and you get excellent instruction and a fabulous bracelet with the knowledge and instruction sheet to make more.  See you there.   Call 360-298-0300   leave a message with your name and number.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Beads by Jean Christen

I finally got my camera to upload to my computer.  For some reason it was just not working right. Now I can post the pictures of Jeanies Beads.

Port of Friday Harbor

Everyday when I park my car up the street from my store I pause to take in the beautiful view of the Port of Friday Harbor.  I thought I would share with you my view.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Adding more beads

It has been quite a while since I've posted on my blog!   I have been busy, busy, busy and the tourist season just started. 
I have been adding beads and jewelry findings daily.  I recently got in contact with Jean Christen from eastern WA.  She makes wonderful beads, pendants, pots, mugs and the best mixing bowls ever.  She is sending me some and I should have them in store by mid-week next week, yahoo!  Love her work and I have been looking for nice ceramic mugs for my store for about 6 months. 
4th of July weekend is upon us here in the San Juan Islands and I am hopeful it will be a very busy weekend.  I am so excited to have the prospect of putting more wonderful gifts in my store for my customers at reasonable prices.
I am still trying to get Art papers, Scrapbooking supplies and other goodies.  Stay tuned.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Drilling Holes in Things Workshop Mon

Drilling holes in things workshop is on Monday Evening at 5:30  I have a space left if you are wanting to join in to this workshop.   It is 30.00 plus a charge (actual cost) for the special bit.   You need to have a Dremel or Dremel type tool. Come and finish a beach glass necklace and earrings.  We will also be drilling stone. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's In Store Teresa DeLeen Studio

Vital Elements carries a wonderful line of Jewelery from Teresa DeLeen Studio. The initial pendants she creates are one of a kind and simply beautiful. Teresa makes her pendants from PMC. She desribes the process below.
Precious Metal Clay is a clay-like medium used to make jewelry, beads and small sculpture. It consists of very small particles of silver mixed with an organic binder and water. Precious Metal Clay can be shaped just like any soft clay, by hand or using molds. After drying and sanding, it is fired in my kiln. The binder burns away, leaving .999 pure silver which will not tarnish as quickly as sterling (.925) silver which contains copper. The piece was then antiqued, to bring out the texture, tumbled all night to strengthen the metal and, viola!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Drilling Holes in Things- rescheduled to May 24th 5:30

This workshop has been moved to May 24th due to a pre-scheduled event. Hope to see you then!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Great Workshop Last Night

I had the best workshop results last night. It was my collage workshop and we went through about 10 techniques. Great fun! I love the fact that so far the workshops have gone well. They are small and intimate and I think I prefer that to a larger group. I asked the attendee's if they liked a technique based class or a project based class and two would prefer a project base class. It may be hard to finish a project in 2-3 hours but I am going to come up with some ideas for my fall and winter workshops.

I have been approached by several people to do one on one instruction and to have jewelry making parties, art parties, and beading parties so I am working up a brochure and price sheet for different kinds of events. This would be fun and bring business into Vital Elements and the customer would take home their project as a memento.

I recently had a customer come in and spend the evening with her husband making 12 special pendant for her 50th birthday, she and her friends were all traveling to Spain and attending a horseback riding adventure. The pendants had the name of the group and an image of a horse. They turned out great and it was a great experience.

I brained stormed and came up with some great ideas.
Bridesmaid parties, make necklaces to wear in the wedding
Teen Beading Parties - Make earrings and bracelets
Birthday Parties with your choice of Jewelry, collage, journaling.
Remembrance Parties - Making a special journal or book to remember an occasion or loved one.

Artist Trading Cards are so much fun. They are a great way to make sure you are doing some kind of art. While creating them you get all kinds of wonderful ideas for larger projects. The little baseball card size of art are also a fun way to try mini versions of technique. By June I will have some made and ready to trade. They are not for must make one and trade. You can cut a 2 by 3 piece of heavy cardstock or anything that has some density to it and just, even, doodle. Fabric ATC’s our fun if that is your art medium. Make sure you come in and check out a binder full of examples. I will try and get in stock some blank ATC's too.

That's it for now and I will try and give an update on the Island ATC Project. It now has a name! IAP

Saturday, May 08, 2010

collage workshop supplies

IF you are signed up for my Collage Workshop please don't forget to bring papers. If you can pre-gesso a canvas and base coat it in the color of your choice.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Drilling Holes in Things Class date

HI I am going to have to move the Drilling Holes in Things class to Monday May 24th, at 5:30.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Beads in Friday Harbor

Hey! Did you know there was a bead store in Friday Harbor? Yep! Vital Elements have an ever increasing supply of beads for your beading needs. Let me know what you are looking for and we can find and order them for you. We also have a selection on chain and jewelry frames for resin and small mixed media jewelry projects. Come on in and check it out soon. New beads added daily.

Collage Workshop-Layer Upon Layer

My collage class is full! If you are signed up and can't make it make sure you call or email me and cancel. Thanks

Here is the supply list.

Matte Medium aka Mod Podge Matte finish
Acrylic paint in assorted colors
Paint brushes
Images Copied onto card stock at Printonyx
Rubber stamps for texture (if you have them)
mounted canvas in the size you prefer (if you have gesso please gesso your canvases before class. If not them bring them in and gesso them Sunday before 4)
hand sanitizer with alcohol

I think that's it. Check back just in case I add something at a later date

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Steampunk Workshop

There is still room in this great Steampunk Jewelry
Workshop Monday May, 3, 2010
Here are some links to give you an idea on what Steampunk Jewelry is .

Wire cutters (flush)
Bent nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Needle nose pliers
Sculpey, Premo, or other polymere clay
22, 18, or any size you have,wire. Copper, silver, steel or that artist wire will work fine.

Broken watch parts including
Watch faces, gears, keys, lenses.
Small Images, smaller than a quarter down to smaller that a dime.
Small electrical parts
Small Chain pieces are fine.

Due to the cost of small watch parts I will have an affordable kit available with bits and pieces of the above supplies.

Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's New?

I recently received a shipment from Peacock Park.  Here a few of the things I put into the store.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Upcoming Workshops


May 3  5:30 to 7:30

May 10,  5:30 to 7:30

May 17 5:30 to 7:30

Come on in and sign up.  The Collage workshop has 1 space left.  The Steampunk Jewelry has 3 spaces.
I will have supply and material lists by Wed. in the store.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Workshop: Drilling Holes in Things!

In Vital Elements Newest Workshop you can learn how to drill holes in Island rocks and beach glass. Also learn the best way to drill a shell without chipping it.  You need a Dremel tool for this class.  My new preferred Dremel for this process is a cordless one.  I am planning on holding it on Monday Evening  May 17th. 
This class will run from 5:30 to 7:30- 8:00 . 

I will order the drill bits need for this class and there will be a charge for that.
If you have earring or other jewelry findings bring them.  I do have them for purchase as well.
This will be a fun workshop and you will be going home with a finished piece of beach glass and or beach rock jewelry.
Bring your own beach glass and rocks.

Homework and Beachwork  Look for thinner rocks to make this beginners class easy. No agates just the flat dark ones on our local beached.  For beach glass pick out your thinner pieces.  Pair up your pieces for earrings. Start a sketch book with simple drawings of your idea, think of what beads you have or check out Vital elements beads for accents.
Keep Checking Back for Examples.  
This workshop will be 30.00

Thursday, April 15, 2010

All About Resins Workshop Mon. April 19th (Full)

Here is the promised list of supplies you should bring with you to the All about Resing Workshop.                          

bottle Caps and other small jewelry type items like frames or tiny tins
small jewelry size pictures you can copy these from your own files and print them out or cut images from magazines.
small metal embellishments, crystal beads, glass glitter, jewels other things to put into the resin for texture
small paintbrush
apron or workshirt

I think that is it.  Sorry I am so late in getting this posted I came down with a fever last night and just went to bed! 
I will have some jewelry findings available to purchase and some pictures too. The pictures are 5.00 a sheet and the little frames range from 1.50 to 6.00.
Make sure you come by 5:00 so we can get started!   

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Basic Jewelry 101 Workshop

Hi All,
Thought I would update the information for my first workshop.  There has been an opening in this class due to the fact that the Lopez ferry doesn't run late enough for a gal on Lopez to take this workshop so give me a call and sign up.  If you want to take this with a friend I could probably handle two more.  My biz number is (360) 298-0300
Read earlier posts to find out more about this class and what you will need.
Save money and bring your own beads and findings.  Vital Elements will supply stringing material, crimping beads, toggles or clasps, headpins and earring wires.   This class will be fast paced and fun!   Bring a note pad for notes.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Beads and Jewelry Findings oh and Hearts!

I just unpacked a box of great jewelry findings.  They are frames and surfaces to use with small pictures.  Nunn Design makes the little frames.  I am going to find the time today to make a few necklaces and earrings from these wonderful pieces.  I'll add some beads and make some great pieces. 
I have had these hearts in my shop and need to do something creative with them.  They have a loop on them and can be hung.  They're little scared heart bottles. 
One last thing. 
I found these images of old Czech Beads.   I love the images.  These bead cards were offered on eBay. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Off to Art Fest and VE closed days

I am heading out on Wed. morning to Port Townsend to stay at Fort Worden and attend Artfest 2010, this is an annual event for me, one that I haven't missed for 7 years. 
Vital Elements will be closed on Wed. March 24th, Thurs. March 25th, and Sunday March 28th. Alice Shull will be working for me for Friday and Saturday so stop in and say hi to Alice.
See Ya!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Basic Jewelry 101    $ 25.00     2 hours   Monday April 12th     5-7pm  
This is the class for you if you need to know how to make a basic earring, bracelet or necklace.  Simple chain making and wire work will be covered.  Check out websites and magazines and start a jewelry journal with pictures of what you want to make and draw up your designs.
Supplies   (you provide)
*Focal Bead
*Jewelry Findings (toggle set, head pins, earring wires, lobster clasp and ring)   Kit Available for 5.00

Tools Needed
Wire cutters, side cutters
Round nose pliers
Bent nose pliers
Flat nose pliers

Vital Elements will have simple tool kits and all the findings available to purchase. Be sure to bring what you have to save on your costs.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Class Schedule

Here is Vital Elements class Schedule.  Come on into the store to get the scoop and the tool and supply list.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Vital Elements Gifts - An Octopus's Garden

Looking around my gift store I realized that I have quite a few Octopus in my store.  Thought I would share with you a couple picture of these wonderful creatures that a local man named Kris Sanoma made.
This next Octopus is one that I made out of steel wire for Artfest 2009.  The theme was Sea Monsters

Have a great day and come on in to my store for your Sea Creature needs! We have beads and gifts too!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Oilcloth International!

Did you know Vital Elements gift store in Friday Harbor has 5 different bright and pretty patterns in Oilcloth!  Yep!  This wonderful material can be used to make everything from table cloths to aprons and makeup bags.  Check out Oilcloth Internationals' Web site and link up with great idea on how to use this traditional product! Made in the USA
Our bead supply is growing daily.  Come on in and tell me what you need in bead stuff. 

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Friday Harbor Gift Store Friday Harbor

Friday Harbor Gift Store Vital Elements
Now carries Publications from Stampinton... and art based company. Somerset STudio is the #1 best selling Arts and Craft Magazine at Barnes and Noble.  The craft stores always sell out on the mainland...but you dont have to travel off island to buy these wonderful magazines.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Just an update

I have a shipment from Fringe Studio coming in this week. I also am getting a shipment of bead related items Inexpensive tool kits, great charms and chains and more crystal beads.
My workshops are filling up 2 more people and one of them is a go.
Check them out and sign up by either calling Vital Elements at 360.298.0300
Basic Jewelry 101(12 and up)
Wire Wrap Cabochons
Resin Jewelry- Fill it up!
Celini Spiral
Goddess Pouch
I put some beautiful vintage amber gold beads in my case yesterday. They are about 12 mm in size. Also some nice rondelles crystals in amethyst.
Vital elements has Swarovski Crystal Beads too!
We have a full table of affordable gem and agate beads, pearls, ect
Come on in and check out Vital Elements the new gift and bead store in town!
Open Mon. 10-5, closed Tue., Wed-Sat 10-5, Sun. 12-4

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Vital Elements has beads! I am trying to provide beads to jewelry artists in Friday Harbor.I want customers to let me know what they need when they shop for supplies in town. Everyday my collection of beads for sale grows as I am ordering constantly and purchasing new display. I really want to supply our island with special and unique beads for focal pieces and have findings and strings of beads to create your own pieces. I will also begin collecting antique and vintage beads to sell to artists and collectors. Come on in and check it out!
I have been a bead buyer for my personal jewelry business for 30 years, I have been a collector of beads all my life.
Vital Elements will be the home of San Juan Island Beader's and will have the first meeting Wednesday evening March 3 at 5:30. This will start as a small group (your invited!) just getting together to talk, share, learn about beads. Bring a project and share what you do. Everyone is invited.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Adding Jewelry and Arts and Craft workshops

I am adding some workshops. Starting March 1st Vital Elements will have workshops on a weekly basis. March's workshop offerings will be Celini Spiral ( a beautiful one piece beaded spiral necklace with a button for a clasp, wire wrapped cabochan, this is a simple way to set a stone or other treasure in steel, copper or sterling wire.
Captured Picture pendants in resin. Learn how to use 2 part resin to make domed picture pendants, scrabble tiles or framed objects. Jewelry making 101, this is a beginners class on making earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Vital elements will begin layered collage classes and a Getting to know the Steampunk Style Jewelry class. More coming soon
Read reviews of Vital Elements

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Opened and Lovin it

It is so good to have a store again. Here are some pictures before I recieved 14 boxes on Monday! I still have yet to see my bath products, but they are coming.
Business is good and walk in traffic is wonderful.
I didnt get finished with everything in my store until 4:30! but it was still the 12th of February. Yeah Rachel was my first customer...she bought some beads.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Opening Day

Well this is it! I am opening today! I probably will wait until 2:00 or 3:00 and make it short day. I have about 1/2 my merchandise in but want to be open for the 3 day weekend.
I will post photos soon.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Getting close now

My opening is scheduled for Feb. 12th....that's a week from today, Yikes. It is going to be so good to be back in business!! All my shipments have not arrived so I am having a not so grand opening. I have about 50% of what I ordered and am still ordering. I have 6 wonderful artists coming in on consignment. If you wish to consign show me what you have!
My business is going to grow slowly and steadily, keeping in mind that debt is what got our economy is a mess in the first place... that being said it will only get better everyday so once I am open come in often as new things will arrive daily for a while, then weekly as the spring and summer progresses.
The bead part of my store will be super cool... the crafts supply will have to wait until my coffers fill again.
This is the fantastic counter that my dad made me for my birthday! He is getting older (76) and said this is the last big project he will ever do...he is so dear and a tad onry! Love ya dad.
My goal for Vital Elements....of imagination is to be a place that from the moment you walk through the front door you feel inspired, by special treasures, craft ingredients, beads, and the product of imagination everywhere. I also want to be a destination store. What that means is that people who come to the island plan on coming to my store. That will be an accomplishment.
Here are some pics of the counter my dad made and shadows of my sons friend William painting the out side of the building. The other dude is my 3rd son Tyson, he is making a really cool steam-punk watch.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Shopping 'til I Drop!

I am just back from the Seattle Gift Show where I spent 3 days shopping for wonderful products for my new store. I found some wonderful art items, jewelry, bath products and decor.
Last Thursday I got my first shipment of goods. I am so happy it was from Papaya! I took an Artfest class from the creator of these wonderful goods that will be gracing my new store.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Goddess Bag Class!!!

My first bead class will be led by Betsy Childress. It will be The Goddess Bag. Please sign up by commenting on this Post.
The cost to you with all the supplies will only be $65.00! Too Cool! Betsy will take you step by step through this project and you will go home with a finished bag!
Date will be determined by the sign ups the week of Feb. 15th-22.
Plan a day to create!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Upcoming Workshops at Vital Elements

Workshops to be offered at Vital Elements

Betsy Childress Cellini Spiral
Goddess bag

Rhonda Scott

Ink Jet Transfer
Simple Fused Glass Pendants
Book Binding
Precious Metal Clay
Drilling Stone
Basic Jewelry Making 101
Mixed Media Collage
Bottle Cap Art
Lots of Project based classes and workshops
What do you want to learn?

Vital Elements is to be the home of the San Juan Beaders. This is a group of creative beaders who either collect, sell, create, make or just plain love beads.
First meeting day to be determined. I am thinking of Tues or Wed early eve. or???
Email me at

Friday, January 08, 2010

Paint Paint Paint

I have been painting for 4 days! My son came up from Oregon to help me and I am sure glad he did. My shop is looking good. I painted one wall salsa dancing the other a gray green called Scotland Moor ( or something like that), that is in the fist 38 feet of my shop. In the second section that will be dedicated to arts and crafts supplies, beads, and classes in all kinds of beading, jewelry, mixed media, found object art, I painted it a nice yellow called handmade. I thought it was very appropriate for this room. It sure brightened my shop up!! I still have to put a darker stencil with a damask pattern over the hot salsa dancing.
Here are some more pictures of phase II
I will reopen on Feb. 12 with beads, cards, candles, home decor, jewelry, craft supplies and tons of inspiration and art.