Monday, March 21, 2011

New Bath Products by Simpatico

Coming in 2 weeks!  Beautifully packaged and wonderfully scented Bubble Bath by Simpatico.  This is a fantastic which can be used as a shower gel as well.  I've ordered soaps too in Fern, Petal and Coral.  Come in and smell the goodness!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Carols Birds and Hens

I am so fortunate to carry Carol Sjolholms adorable hens and birds.  Come in and adopt one, they are so bright and cheery!

Classes Canceled

Sad to say but I am cancelling my workshops due to lack of interest.  These classes had been requested and my thought was to offer the complete picture in metal working for the local population but unfortunately there is just not enough interest.   I may plan future workshops with a different media or ??????  Let me know, I really cant afford to advertise properly so that may have been one the reasons for lack of interest, So that being said look for an expansion to take place in the craft supply section of my shop it will take time, like the economy, as slow as molasses in winter!