Friday, February 05, 2010

Getting close now

My opening is scheduled for Feb. 12th....that's a week from today, Yikes. It is going to be so good to be back in business!! All my shipments have not arrived so I am having a not so grand opening. I have about 50% of what I ordered and am still ordering. I have 6 wonderful artists coming in on consignment. If you wish to consign show me what you have!
My business is going to grow slowly and steadily, keeping in mind that debt is what got our economy is a mess in the first place... that being said it will only get better everyday so once I am open come in often as new things will arrive daily for a while, then weekly as the spring and summer progresses.
The bead part of my store will be super cool... the crafts supply will have to wait until my coffers fill again.
This is the fantastic counter that my dad made me for my birthday! He is getting older (76) and said this is the last big project he will ever do...he is so dear and a tad onry! Love ya dad.
My goal for Vital Elements....of imagination is to be a place that from the moment you walk through the front door you feel inspired, by special treasures, craft ingredients, beads, and the product of imagination everywhere. I also want to be a destination store. What that means is that people who come to the island plan on coming to my store. That will be an accomplishment.
Here are some pics of the counter my dad made and shadows of my sons friend William painting the out side of the building. The other dude is my 3rd son Tyson, he is making a really cool steam-punk watch.

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~Izabella said...

Rhonda! I am soooo excited for you!!

I am going to have to get the address & come visit!

are you going to Artfest this year?!

xo!! ~Bella