Thursday, January 11, 2007

snow and art day

The only reason I was able to find time this week to do art is because of all the snow Our little corner of Northwestern Washington State has received in the last couple of days. Today it was blowing across our lane and I barely made it home…on a wing and a prayer…comes to mind. I just have to love my old Ford Bronco II on days like these. It may be vintage (I am being kind here to my car it is really a beater) but it got me home this morning. My husband’s nice big diesel truck couldn’t plow through the snow as I did, to park in my driveway. The picture is of the most recent snow with my hubby and son digging a track so he can park at home.
The art is a picture of the 4x4 page I made for Vicki Mack’s uplifting book. One of her friends is putting it together. Vicki suffered a brain aneurysm and is in the hospital for a few weeks. A friend who lives near her has organized a book for her from your online friends. Light a candle for Vicki everyone.