Thursday, February 18, 2010

Opened and Lovin it

It is so good to have a store again. Here are some pictures before I recieved 14 boxes on Monday! I still have yet to see my bath products, but they are coming.
Business is good and walk in traffic is wonderful.
I didnt get finished with everything in my store until 4:30! but it was still the 12th of February. Yeah Rachel was my first customer...she bought some beads.


Doris said...

Glad it is going well! Congratulations!!!! May all your hard work pay off in abundance :-)
And it is always nice and fun to have new stuff coming in.
all the best!

Suzy Pierce said...

The store looks great in pics, but you must see it in real life to capture the essence of this truly gifted creative soul! Congratulations Rhonda! xoxo Suzy