Monday, May 29, 2006

This wonderful illustration is my moms artwork. She loves drawing animals and fairies. This is a whole set called "Wedding in the Northwoods. It consists of about 20 animals and their clothes. She has always as long as I can remember, taken her time to do her art. When I was young she would sit with a crow quill pen and a bottle of Black India Ink. For extra pin money my mom would hand illustrate and ink, then frame wedding invitations. She used this extra money for underwear and socks for us her children and for rummage sales and the Goodwill.
I can remember the Goodwill in Portland when I was young. There were stacks and stacks of depression glass plates, salt and pepper shakers. If I was good my mom would give my sister and I either a quarter or a dime to spend. My sister and I would head towards the back of the "better goods" department and pick from the boxes of beaded, metal mesh, and embroidered purses. Usually we had a dime and bought a beaded purse.
I was the youngest of three and when in afternoon kindergarten, so I would go with my mom to the As Is section of the Goodwill and wait for it to open. I remember once when the as is had a whole bin of dolls, my mom said "Rhonda, when the doll opens run in and pick up as many of the china dolls as you can" I became the artful dodger that day and loved doing it. We never saw as many dolls as there were that day, again.

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Judy Wise said...

Oh, Rhonda, I'm so happy you've started a blog. I will visit you here often. You have such great taste in art and I had no idea your mother was an artist too. I look forward to whatever you choose to share with us.