Saturday, May 06, 2006

I named this blog after my store Vital Elements. I closed the doors about 3 years ago. The name was hard to create for me. My store had nothing vitally elemental to live your life, it had things vital to your heart and soul.
I had beautiful candles with names like Madagascar spice and ocean breeze from a company called Pacifica out of Portland. I had the most gentle Japanese incense and also some from France. The best line of soaps from France and Italy. There was always just the right pillow, or picture frame to use in your home. I had wonderful cards and a case of very special blown glass writing pens from Italy and journals from around the world to share your thoughts in . Four cases of the beautiful jewelry from Moose Creek, Silver Seasons, and me Retro Rose Designs. There were beads and little boxes and a whole rack of special small things that were very affordable. My staff was wonderful, I had the best. Ironically all our names started with Rachel, Robin, Renee, and me Rhonda. When they were filming Practical Magic, Adian Quinn was a special customer as was Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConahey. The set designers came in and bought special papers for a book to be given to the director. I was luck enough to visit the set and get a tour of the amazing greenhouse that still is one of my favorite movie places, the kitchen and living room where all beautifully decorated. It was a fun time in my life. But, the best of the best about VE were the customers that supported me for 5 years, they shared their lives, loves, and losses with me. There were tears and hugs and laughter.
I have never written much about my shop. I loved it. It was a goal, a dream realized, lived and said goodbye too.
And now another business is gently nudging its way into my life.
I do have another goal by 55. I manage to succeed when I write them down on paper.
If I can find pictures of Vital Elements I'll share them with you.

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