Friday, October 07, 2011

Great New Gifts

It has been a shockingly long while since I have posted here.  My store has blossomed into the best gift store!   I am still not finished carrying all the things that I want to but it is getting somewhere near complete. I have ignored my blog and done all my news on facebook but with the recent bad press and changes to facebook I am going to try and post here more often.
My new lines include the following 

Good Fortune bath and body products including their best selling Lip Scrub, Faucet Soaps, Lotions and Body Oils.  

Paddy Wax Candles   these are eco and green friendly using recycled green wine bottles with fantastic fragrances, these make the best gifts. 

Circle O   Place mats, coasters, and the cutest little recipe box full of recipes in categories such as Small Bite, Chocolate, Champagne, Cookies, Cupcakes etc.  Picture coming soon!!!  

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