Sunday, November 15, 2009

Something New in Friday Harbor

I am opening a store in Friday Harbor for the month of December....then closing and re-opening in Feb. My store in Dec is the Vital Elements Holiday Shop. This is a temporary consignor store for the holiday season. It will be open Dec. 1 through Dec. 24th Then in Feb., hopefully, just as the Olympic Games in neighboring Vancouver BC open on Feb. 12th 2009 Vital Elements will re-open as a great Gift Store.
You are invited to bring in your art product and handcrafts to be consigned. Here is a break down on costs. A table space or 5x10 wall space is 100.00. then 20% of sales. There are 1/2 spaces available and tower card rack size spaces. Bringing your own display is recommended after speaking with me first. Since I do shows all the time I tried to figure what would be a fair price. I just paid 25.00 on island for a space 10x10 for 4 hours.
My store will be open a total of 170 hours. It will be advertised on San Juan Island and other islands and a little on the mainland. I will take Master Card and Visa.
I have over 25 years experience in vending arts and crafts. I have owned and operated 2 brick and mortar store fronts, one an antique store in Dundee, Oregon and Vital Elements in Friday Harbor
Email and sign up. I have limited space. So don't procrastinate!

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Rickelle Pegrum, Everett WA said...

I was in the VitalElement store on Friday Harbour last week & fell in love! I wish I lived closer because I would frequent more often, great price points & customer service! Thank you, I will be back!!!