Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Do Not Fold Spindle or Mutilate

The Museum of Art and Science, The Washington pavilion is having an Art opening on July 28th. There be be a virtual tour. The museum sent out invitations to one of the Yahoo groups I belong to for submissions of art work altering a old punch card any way the artist wanted to.
I titled my piece hanging chad. I first cut over 100 tiny copper pieces, then adhered the tiny numbers onto the copper with acrylic matte medium. Then I drilled and saw out approximately 30 of the numbers, with the action of the saw it caused some of the light weight cardboard punch card pieces to dangle off the copper piece, thus hanging chad.
If you are in Sioux Falls South Dakota this July 28th through Sept check out this very interesting exhibit. I think it is time I take a road trip.
Let me know what you think .

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katie said...

congratulations rhonda!! i grew up in sioux falls and my brother and sister both went to school at the washington pavillion which used to be washington high school. it's a beautiful building! your piece is wonderful!!!